Bike Chain Link Cufflinks
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Tin Cross Of St Piran Cufflinks
Carvedras Cornish Cufflinks
Chequered Flag Chain Cufflinks
Globe Union Jack Cufflinks
Black And White Chequered Cufflinks
Irish Flag Cufflinks

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Scottish Saltire Cufflinks
England Flag Cross Of St George
Stars And Stripes American Flag Cufflinks
Welsh Dragon Cufflinks

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Oval Union Jack Cufflinks
Cross Of St Piran Cufflinks
Royal Navy Flag Cufflinks
Welsh Dragon Cufflinks

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Superb flag cufflinks and something for everyones budget. Not only patriotic flags and emblems but racing flags too. Here at Poshcuffs we try hard to make sure the colours in our flags are just right, every design is carefully photographed to make sure we show you the exact colours and you get exactly what you see. Flag cufflinks are excellent to wear to support your national team or to celebrate important national events like St Georges, St Andrew's, St Davids or St Patricks Day but best of all they show pride in your national flag. Maybe your working abroad and wish to have a reminder of home, what better way than to wear the Scottish Saltire or perhaps our superb Welsh dragon cufflinks.