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Chequered Pearl And Pink Cufflinks

For the motor racing enthusiast the chequered flag is what it's all about, getting to the finish first. This is a universally recognised symbol for motor racing across the globe. We're great fans of formula one, like millions of others, we love the drama, intrigue and excitement of the race and qualifying but at the end of the day it's all about who sees the chequered flag first.
Our chequered flag cufflinks are very popular, we have a variety of designs, some in black and white enamel others with chequered metal patina like polished and anodised finish. Some use mother of pearl in black and white to create the chequer, this looks fantastic in wearing because the material shimmers in the light giving a classy look and of course mother of pearl is timeless as a semi precious material.
Chequered flag cufflinks make a superb gift for the motor racer or fan, either for a special occasion or perhaps a themed wedding or perhaps just to wear on a monday morning to work as a reminder of a brilliant weekend at the track.