Bike Chain Link Cufflinks
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Bicycle Cufflinks

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Bike Chain Link Cufflinks
Mountain Bike Cufflinks

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Satin Mountain Bike Cufflinks
Polished Mountain Bike Cufflinks

At Poshcuffs we love our bikes, bitten many years ago by the mountain bike bug we've spent many happy hours with that silly grin you get from throwing yourself off the side of something high. We're mad on singletrack and Cross Country too, many a happy hour spent covered in mud in the saddle to be rewarded with a warm pub and a cool pint. Whether you're a mountain biker like us or a roadie, we're sure to have something that will look great in the office on a Monday morning or at the Christmas party. We're always looking for new bike cufflinks styles and designs so check back regularly or better still contact us and let us know what you're after, we're sure to find it for you.