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Raf Roundel Chunky Dome Cufflinks
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Poshcuffs aviation cufflinks are stylish and well designed. Some are reminiscent of famous war birds like the Spitfire or Lancaster bomber, some are iconic like Concorde, a masterpiece of British and French engineering. We love airplanes, especially the classic warbirds of the past like Von Richthofen's triplane so famous as a world war one ace but reputedly shot down in the end by someone on the ground with a rifle. Supermarine's legendary Spitfire designed by RG Mitchell who died tragically before the plane really got into service, became a legend for it's unparalleled manoueverability. It's Rolls Royce Merlin Engine was equally important and legendary, powering everything from water pumps and tanks to the Spitfire where in later forms it produced 2000hp. The Spitfire is rightly credited with turning the tide of WW2.
We at Poshcuffs appreciate the significance of these amazing machines and choose our cufflinks carefully to make sure they do justice to these icons. Aviation Cufflinks make superb gifts for the flyer or fan of flying but they are also stylish talking point pieces for the man who has everything.