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Father's Day

Fathers Day Cufflinks

Father's Day is a celebration of fatherhood and male parenting, to honour and commemorate fathers and forefathers. Celebrated in more than 50 countries worldwide it was inaugurated in the early twentieth century, probably around 1910 and it complements mother's day.

Father's day is celebrated every year on the third sunday in June, many other events are timed to coincide with it and complement it such as the London to Brighton bike ride organised in aid of the highly respected British Heart Foundation.

The author and Poshcuffs proprieter and his own son have ridden it many times and along with his bike mad mates raised thousands of pounds towards the charity, his own father succumbing to heart disease in 2009. Fathers Day Cufflinks

The idea of Father's Day may originate in pagan sun worship, the sun regarded as the father of the universe although in the modern idiom the closeness of father's day to the summer solstice is just coincidental.

In addition to Father's Day, in many countries, International Men's Day is celebrated, most often on November 19th.

In 2010 father's day will be Sunday June 20th, make his day, visit him, go out together for the day, young or old show your father how important he is to you.